About AWA

AWA HeaderAt Age with Attitude our objective is to assist midlife women like you to find your purpose, rediscover your passion, fulfil your goals and begin an exciting new stage in your life.

You may well find yourself feeling restless and stuck these days. If you’ve been a long-standing employee, working your way up the career ladder, you may be thinking about the glittering career you once had mapped out in your head, only to feel disappointed that the reality doesn’t live up to your original dream. Perhaps you’d planned on being a CEO or Director by now or to be earning a certain salary, only to fall short of that target. Or maybe you have reached those dizzy heights only to be underwhelmed by the experience. And, it’s not just about careers, it’s common for women whose children are leaving home to experience feelings of loss and readjustment as they re-evaluate their lives. This may even lead them to reconsider their relationship with their partner. It’s unsurprising that divorce rates rise amongst the over 50’s.

There’s also a biological reason for many of these feelings. During the menopause, the hormone oestrogen decreases whilst testosterone increases, which can lead to women adopting more of the traditional ‘male’ characteristics such as wanting more for themselves and feeling unsatisfied with where they are now. This can feel like a very uncomfortable time if you don’t realise what is happening to your body. For others, midlife can represent insecurity about your appearance if you have begun to gain weight, especially around the middle. This can lead to lower self-esteem and a feeling of being invisible to the rest of the world.

If you want to change your life it can be incredibly hard to do on your own, so a little outside help is often needed. This is where Age with Attitude comes in. We have developed a range of products and services to fit every challenge and every budget – from books and on-line programmes to our live events and coaching sessions. At the heart of our work is our unique model of change, the ‘8 Attitudes of the Successful MidLife Woman’ which you can see below. These 8 Attitudes have been created to assist you to change your life by building the confidence and passion to fulfill your dreams.