How to Become More Visible: Part One

How did you get on with the AWA quiz and the goal setting?  In this blog, I want to give you some practical strategies for feeling more visible and confident.

  • When you want to make an impact make sure you are in ‘uptime’. You can do this by putting your focus, attention and awareness outside of yourself.  Practice by projecting your energy as far as you can out in front of you.  This is good if you are walking into a room of people or when you are going to give a presentation.  The more you practice the more you will feel your energy expanding.
  • Imagine moving your focus and all your energy in to your lower stomach, just below the navel. Stand upright and imagine your legs feeling absolutely grounded with roots growing through the floor you are standing on. Make sure your weight is evenly balanced ie if you were standing on two sets of scales each scale would show the same weight.  It’s amazing how quickly we can focus our energy when we know what to do.  Notice how much more grounded and focused you feel in an instant
  • Here is another example of energy following thought. You’ll need to stand up to do this exercise. Find a space where you can move around with your arm outstretched freely.  Look forward and stand with your feet apart.  Stand rooted to the floor.  Now raise one arm horizontally out in front of you with your index finger pointed and gently twist around keeping your arm horizontal until you cannot twist any further (if you put your right arm out, twist to the right and visa versa).  Note carefully to yourself where finger is pointing – maybe there’s something in the room you can take as a marker.  Or if you have someone else with you ask them to stand as a marker for where your arm got to.  Now focus behind you and find a spot beyond where your arm reached the first time.  Fix that spot in your mind as you turn back around to face the front again.  Twist again moving your arm as far as it will go.  Hold it steady, turn around and see how much further you have moved your arm this time.

All these activities are great examples of the fact that your energy flows to where your attention goes.  Enjoy!  Let me know how you get on.

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