Empty Nest Syndrome and What to do About It

I have been coaching several mid-life mums recently trying to make the adjustment after their teenagers have left for university. This is commonly called ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’. How will they cope by themselves? Will they eat? Will they drink too much? What am I going to do now? I experienced ENS syndrome myself when my […]

The Power of Language

The way we share and express our thoughts and beliefs is through language and the language we use makes a huge difference.  Start to become more aware of the language you use inside your head to yourself and the language you use with others.  Start to move it to a more positive place and notice […]

Remember Your Qualities

Here is a short process that you can do to remind yourself of all your positive attributes.  It is amazing how much better you feel once you have completed the activity.  You will need a pen, some paper and a pretty box. Step 1: Remember a time when you were a child that you felt […]