Is THIS it?

This blog is the first in a series written for mid-life women everywhere – women who want to believe in new beginnings not endings.  Women who want the next phase of their lives to be as good, or better, than anything they have experienced so far. What is Mid Life? In our image and age […]

Making Time for You this Year – The 8 Benefits of Going on Retreat

I am writing this blog whilst taking some time out for me in Venice. I am here for a whole month, something I have never done before. Of course, it took some planning, and it doesn’t need to be a whole month, yet making time in your busy life to take some time out to […]

Its all about ME!

If only this was the case and all we had to think about was ourselves! Women often sacrifice themselves for their children, husbands, parents and friends. It is well know that women are more likely to put other people’s feelings above their own. Making time for YOU is one of the most important changes you […]