How to overcome the human bias for negativity

You might think you’re weird when a thousand good things happen but you focus on the one bad thing. You’re not. That’s the way our brains are hardwired. We’re designed by nature to pay more attention and react more quickly and more strongly to negative than to positive news. This tendency to give more weight […]

The Importance of Mothers

Sandwiched in between International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day I felt compelled to write this today.  I haven’t written over the last month or so.  One of the main reasons is that my mother, Gladys Agness, has been very ill and sadly she died on the 4th March.  I wanted to dedicate these words to […]

What Successful People Do Differently

‘’Successful people reach their personal and professional goals not simply because of who they are but more often because of what they do’’ Heidi Grant Halvorson In this blog you will find some ideas that are adapted from research undertaken by Heidi Grant Halvorson and that fit well with my ideas around NLP.