5 Reasons for Setting Goals

Your midlife is a time to step back and evaluate what truly makes you happy – and what doesn’t.  So…. Let’s Get Started It’s important for each of us to have goals, but we often forget or fail to put aside the time to set them. This is the point at which you can think […]

Take a Long Hard Look at Yourself

Following on from the last blog ‘Is THIS it?’, let’s begin by finding out about your current lifestyle and how you feel about yourself.  I have devised a quiz called ‘What’s age got to do with it?’ Why not have a go then we can work together on some ideas to improve your scores. 1. […]


Is THIS it?

This blog is the first in a series written for mid-life women everywhere – women who want to believe in new beginnings not endings.  Women who want the next phase of their lives to be as good, or better, than anything they have experienced so far. What is Mid Life? In our image and age […]