The Power of our Thoughts

Last time we explored the connection between purpose, happiness and results.  Now I want to introduce you to the concept of the power of our thoughts.  I believe that we alone determine whether our goals will be successful or not. The first thing I would like you to consider is that our reality or the […]

What’s the link between purpose, happiness and results in your life?

I wanted to write some more about purpose and the connection in life between between Purpose, Happiness and Results. I feel so passionately about this as it will determine the quality of our lives from now on. A question for you….How fulfilled and engaged are you in your work or, if you are not in […]

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Are You Living Your Life with Purpose and Passion?

Let’s talk about purpose for a moment. Do you remember a time in the past when you were totally focused with goals that really excited you? When you knew exactly what you were going for and no one was going to stop you? Maybe you were working on a really important project at work or […]