Coaching chalkboardCoaching is all about unlocking your potential and helping you to make some changes in your life. It is all about helping you to learn rather than teaching you. That way the changes stick. At Age with Attitude, we see coaching as a conversation about personal development that enables your goals, limiting beliefs, relationships, work challenges, health needs etc to be addressed, leaving you better prepared to solve future problems and to achieve your goals. We won’t tell you what to do but we will assist and support you in whatever way we can. Coaching is most effective when you are willing to be open to change and motivated to do something different in your life. For our part, we offer a genuine personal interest in you, and see coaching as a means of encouraging you to work through your own issues in a supportive and focussed atmosphere.

This is what our founder, Lindsey Agness, describes as her coaching style:

‘‘I believe in assisting my clients to take responsibility for what they want to achieve in their lives and then work with them to take the necessary action to create change. We work together to build self-belief, confidence and the motivation to change. My style has been described as a mix of charm and gritted determination. I get results for my clients and do not let them off the hook whilst building great rapport and empathy’’.

We offer a range of distinct coaching options in:

  • One to one coaching at regular intervals over an agreed period of time. Typically this would be an hour at a time either face to face or over skype or google hangout. We can offer executive and life coaching.
  • A one-day BreakThrough Coaching session with a follow-up session. This is an intense process for those who want a fast track process to achieve their results.

Please call or email the office for a discussion with us about which approach is most beneficial for you.

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