The AWA Mind & Body Discovery Day

6th January, 2018

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

at Hythe Imperial Hotel, Sandwich, Kent

When was the last time you set side time for your own personal development?  We know that women often sacrifice their own time for their partners, children, families and friends.  Making time for YOU is one of the most important changes you can make this year.  Our AWA Mind and Body Discovery Day will give you the space to focus and reflect on where you are heading.  Give yourself the gift of time to consider what you REALLY WANT in your life.

For example:  

  • Do you want to feel more confident?
  • Are you disillusioned with your career/job?
  • Do you need to get back on your feet after divorce or are you contemplating divorce?
  • Are you finding the menopause a challenge?
  • Are you feeling lost after your kids have recently left home?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • And much more….

What is it all about?

We will spend the day sharing with you the secrets of midlife success.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. It comes from a deliberate way of thinking and behaving that anyone can learn and apply. We often refer to NLP as an instruction manual for the brain. It helps you understand why you feel stuck and hold yourself back from success.

We will show you how to apply immediate techniques for success including how to:

  • Create a compelling and happy 2018 by setting goals that really work
  • Turn off that gremlin in your head and take control of your thoughts
  • Access a consistent positive mental attitude whenever you need it
  • Use your personal values to understand how to keep yourself focused and motivated
  • Use your energy to feel more confident and grounded

How will you do this?

You will be with other like-minded women. The day is a mix of things to learn and then apply. You will have an opportunity to work in pairs and in small groups.

What if I attend?

You will leave with a clearer view of what you want to be, do and have in future and have learned tips to feel more confident.

If you are serious about your own future then this is a day you will move mountains to attend.

What others say about Lindsey:

I thought of you because I revisited the notes on the sessions we had, assessing my progress so far. It is amazing that lots of things have and are still unfolding positively. I have met wonderful people along the way and I am loving it. The film script is showing progressive signs of success to production stage so watch the space… I will take the opportunity to say THANK YOU LINDSEY

Mercy, London 

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