If only this was the case and all we had to think about was ourselves! Women often sacrifice themselves for their children, husbands, parents and friends. It is well know that women are more likely to put other people’s feelings above their own.

Making time for YOU is one of the most important changes you can make this year.

I help women who believe in beginnings, not endings, and who want the next phase of their lives to be as good or better than anything they have experienced so far.

You can choose to feel good about yourself and enjoy life, or you can choose to withdraw into the shadows and worry about the ageing process. Which is it to be for you?

First step in the right direction is setting some time aside for your own personal development. Give yourself time to think about where you want to be heading. It could be relating to your relationship, your career, your weight or maybe you need some new direction.

I am currently running an online programme called ‘I Live My Live on Purpose’

It is designed for you to work at your own pace to discover who you are when you are really being yourself and to assist you to set some exciting goals for 2016.

It includes a one hour coaching session with one of my amazing coaches who is there to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the course.

What are the benefits to you?

  • The process will give you space to focus and reflect on yourself
  • You will learn how to build your confidence and self-belief
  • You will discover much more about the authentic ‘you’ and what is most important to you
  • You will set yourself some goals – big or small – and work out how to achieve them
  • You will learn more about one of the world’s most effective technologies for change ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’
  • You can work at your own pace
  • It is a convenient and cost effective way of developing yourself
  • You will receive a completion certificate at the end which you can use for CPD hours or to demonstrate your commitment to your own development
  • You will learn a lot more about yourself in the process and take the first step towards building a life that is passionate, meaningful and rewarding.

For more details or to sign up please click here