Ongoing Coaching

Woman on MoutainHow can it help me?

Coaching can be offered to help you tackle either work or personal related issues. It is normally done on a one to one basis at regular intervals over an agreed period of time. Typically this would be an hour at a time either face to face or over skype or google hangout. The benefit is that you work with a qualified coach on an issue until it is resolved. We offer both executive and life coaching. Typical outcomes would be as follows:

  • Executive Coaching – how to improve your performance in the workplace, become a better leader, improve your communication with others, become a world-class presenter, how to have difficult conversations etc.
  • Life coaching – how to improve your relationship or find a new partner, how to become healthier and lose weight, how to improve your confidence and self-esteem, how to improve your finances, how to break through limiting beliefs about yourself etc.

The Process

We have a team of coaches at AWA. Each one has been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is an experienced coach. All those in the team have an interest in assisting you to achieve your goals and to work through any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Our coaching works because it is:

  • Structured – our Coaches will ensure that your objectives from the coaching sessions are clear and that short as well as long-term changes are agreed. We will also agree with you how well we are both doing at regular intervals.
  • Flexible – our Coaches will draw on their repertoire of techniques to best match your needs and learning style
  • Facilitated – we work to your agenda to understand what you want to achieve from each session. We also help you to see where your existing skills and experience can be brought to bear on current issue
  • Supportive – we give constructive feedback where we observe strengths and areas that need to change, and help you draw on past experience and skill
  • Challenging – we help you to identify the assumptions you are making, and ensure that you have considered the broader context and possible implications of the issues we discuss
  • We all work to a best practice Code of Ethics and use a contract that both you and your coach will sign at the first session.

How much will it cost?

The investment varies as a programme of sessions is often discounted. Please call or email the office for a quote.

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