At AWA we pride ourselves that we have something to offer everyone. We have been running personal development programmes for over 15 years. We started with NLP programmes and then decided to focus almost entirely on programmes for midlife women. Often we are asked why we made this choice. Our inspiration came from an exhibition that Lindsey went to, which focused on midlife women. She booked a stand at the exhibition and also signed up to give a talk about how to change your life at 50. What happened there was not what she had expected. Her stand was surrounded by stairlifts, pension plans, retirement villages and ballroom dancing. Even the keynote speakers were talking on the dynamic topics of cooking and gardening. This experience really inspired her to challenge what she began to call the ‘midlife myths’ and the way people perceive this important time of our lives. The myths are those commonly held views of midlife women found in the media. The risk is that we are brainwashed into believing them to be true and representative of our own lives. We begin to limit ourselves. But, our lives do not have to fall into this inevitable decline. We’re not dead yet!

Take Jenny for example…

Jenny had been emotionally abused as a young child by her father. Nothing she ever did was good enough. She came on our 10 month flagship AWA Change Your Life Programme when she was 45 – out of work, overweight and no confidence in herself. On the first module she was openly cynical about whether the programme could help her. However, with Lindsey’s guidance she soon understood that she couldn’t change what had happened in her life so far but she could change her response to it. Slowly, over the 4 modules, Jenny got her life back. Her confidence grew and her health improved. She even forgave her father for what had happened in her childhood as she learned that he had used criticism to try to motivate her. In the Goddess Council assisted by the other women on the programme, she set herself manageable goals and by achieving them her confidence and self-belief grew. By the end of the 10 month programme she decided to go on and study NLP and then she launched her own fitness business.

pic50‘’Thank you Lindsey for helping me when I didn’t believe it was possible. You believed in me and even helped me gain in confidence to take the NLP Practitioner programme. My life has transformed and I have you to thank you that.’’

Just imagine what you could achieve too if you just give yourself permission to give it a go.

We have something for everyone and every budget. We run regular live face to face events where you come together with other like-minded women. We have our new online academy where you can study anytime, anywhere. Online, you also get the chance to join an exclusive group to share ideas and challenges with the others also going through the same process as you.

Our coaching sessions give you one to one assistance. We either work with you over a period of time face to face or online. For those of you who want change fast, we’ll work with you face to face on our BreakThrough day where miracles happen.

So you see now it’s up to you. Select the approach that suits your needs and lifestyle the best. Remember when you make a decision you begin to create a better future for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you very soon.