Still 25 Inside

Whatever happened to all those dreams you once had? You can remember a time when you thought everything was possible, but now you’ve reached the mid-point of your life and maybe it feels as if you’ve left it too late? Happily you’re wrong, and in this book personal development expert, Lindsey Agness, shows you how you can make every part of your life as good, or indeed better, than what’s gone before. You will discover the 8 Attitudes of the Successful Mid-Life Woman and apply them through practical exercises to make lasting change in your own life. Cost £12.99

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Change Your Life with NLP- The powerful way to make your life better 2nd Edition

The best-selling personal development book. Already sold over 50,000 copies worldwide. The inspiring ‘how to’ advice and powerful techniques found in this book can be applied to benefit any area of life. This book is about you as the reader, your own life, your own unique issues and you making the changes you need to make – whatever those changes may be – In Love – Life – Relationships – Confidence – Self esteem – Career – Health & Fitness – Finances. It takes you on an enjoyable journey to creating your dreams. Cost £9.99

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Change Your Business with NLP- Powerful tools to improve your organisation’s performance and get results

NLP can be applied to all business challenges. As a leader or manager in either the public or private sectors, whatever your industry or size of organisation, you can use NLP to improve your business by changing mindsets of everyone you work with. NLP can help you to identify and deliver efficiencies, hold onto clients in the midst of increasing competition, improve morale and increase organisational performance and results. In this, the first genuinely practical guide for managers, showing how to use NLP techniques to overcome specific business problems, you will learn how to:
      • Improve your results as a leader
      • Build an exceptional team
      • Increase the performance of the business
      • Manage change more effectively
      • Change the culture of the organisation
      • Create more effective client and customer relationships.

Cost £14.99
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Lose Weight with NLP – Be thinner and healthier without going on a diet

Lack of willpower, boredom and cravings can sabotage our ability to stick to a diet plan, get thin and stay that way. But this is not a diet… Lindsey Agness uses the powerful psychological tool of NLP to change the way you think and feel about eating and exercise, helping you to lose weight easily. With the simple techniques in this book and motivational case studies you will lose weight and keep it off. Whether you’re looking to drop a size or make a more dramatic change, this book will help you to get the body you want and keep it for good! Cost £9.99

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