The Power of our Thoughts

Last time we explored the connection between purpose, happiness and results.  Now I want to introduce you to the concept of the power of our thoughts.  I believe that we alone determine whether our goals will be successful or not. The first thing I would like you to consider is that our reality or the world that we live in can be redefined. In fact, everything can be redefined. It is never too late to have a successful life.  Our world and what is or isn’t possible in it can be redefined because everything that you see around you has been created by you. Everything!

It is you who are creating your own world, all of it. It is you who are choosing your own thoughts and deciding between what is possible for you to achieve and what isn’t. It is you who are bringing people, places and things into being. Without you, literally nothing exists, as it is all in your mind.  Second important concept is that our thoughts drive our feelings.  Any feeling that we experience is preceeded by a thought – positive, negative or neutral.  Third concept is that our thoughts are largely influenced by what we believe is possible about ourselves and those around us.  It is loop that goes on unconsciously every second of our lives.  So if we are not achieving what we want in our careers or our lives it is up to us to do something about it.  This is not easy as our beliefs come from years of pre-conditioning and it is absolutely possible to change.  It is not as simple as trying to adopt a positive attitude and to ignore or repress our negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  What we resist, persists.  So what can we do?

The first step is one of self-awareness.  Start to listen to what that inner voice is telling you.  Explore why you are feeling negative emotions as these are the most powerful feedback mechanism we have.  Challenge yourself by asking what am I ignoring in my life that I should be paying attention to?  This is the first step to reclaiming your power and creating what you want in your work and life.

So why is this so difficult for many people to do?

Because many people have spent years disconnecting from their feelings as this is a safer place from which to lead their lives.  However, they fail to realise that they are also disconnecting from purpose, happiness and results that we discussed last time.  So why not start to ask yourself ‘how do I feel today?’ and having the courage to create something new.


I have developed a model of change called the ‘8 Attitudes of Successful Mid-Life Women’. In today’s blog we have been discussing an introduction to Attitude no. 2  I Create What I Want.  An introduction to the others will follow over the next 6 weeks.


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