Age with Attitude – the Box Set

Here is our complete series of Age with Attitude Videos, each recorded on a topical question affecting mid-life women everywhere. Click on the link to discover more information about the topic and learn lots of practical tips for women to help resolve this issue in your life today.

No. 1: What is Age with Attitude and what are the benefits for you?
No. 2: Who am I and how can I help mid-life women re-discover their passion and purpose?
No. 3: Are you a mid-life woman feeling stuck in your career?
No. 4: What’s the most important thing every woman needs to know about the menopause?
No. 5: Are you a mid-life woman starting to feel invisible?
No. 6: Do you want to learn how to feel more positive about your mid-life?
No. 7: Are you a midlife woman held back by low self-confidence?
No. 8: Why do mid-life women often struggle with their weight?
No. 9: Are you a mid-life woman struggling to make time for you?
No. 10: Why do so many mid-life marriages hit the rocks?
No. 11: How do you know if you are having a mid-life crisis?
No. 12: What is empty nest syndrome and what can you do about it?

Showreel on Age with Attitude and what it’s about. Click here to see the video

Lindsey Agness, Ceri Wheeldon and guests in the midlife hangout – Are Women Under Pressure to Look Young? Click here to see the video

NLP – The Box Set

No. 1: What is NLP?
No. 2: Demonstration of the Arrow Break
No. 3: What is the concept of Cause > Effect?
No. 4: How to set goals that work using NLP
No. 5: How to set goals using NLP part two
No. 6: NLP concept ‘Results v Reasons’
No. 7: NLP Keys to Success
No. 8: NLP techniques to alleviate procrastination

Lindsey Agness tells you how to lose weight with NLP. Click here to see the video

The DVD: Change Your Life with NLP: The Powerful Way to Make Your Whole Life Better

DVD: This 2 DVD set will seriously change your life………….. If you’re curious about NLP and how it can assist you to change your life and the results you are getting watch this DVD. Many of us live our lives in the ‘Grey Zone’. It’s the place we’re probably most comfortable. But, that’s because we don’t know any better. It’s not awful in the Grey Zone it’s actually OK. And, it’s also where we sell out on our dreams for a comfortable and safe existence. Lindsey Agness defines NLP in a straightforward way and shows you how to use it to banish negativity, focus on what you really want, believe in yourself and use all your personal resources to move into the ‘Brilliant Zone.

Are you ready to join her for the journey? Cost £29.99

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